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Column: Enjoying the sights and sounds of the season

WORTHINGTON -- What does this phrase mean to you? "The sights and sounds of the season."

Quite often we connect this phrase to Christmas and all of the wonder, fascination, and joy that goes with it -- the ringing of Christmas bells, the twinkling of lights, the merry laughter of family get-togethers and the cha-ching of the cash register as we all seek to find that perfect present. But to me and my students at Worthington Christian School, this phrase takes on new meaning much earlier in the school year than Christmas.

Right from the first day of school the fifth- through eighth-grade music students are busy preparing for one of the biggest music events of the year -- the annual United Christian Schools Fall Music Festival. Worthington Christian, Chandler Christian, Edgerton Christian and Hills Christian will spend several hours in an afternoon rehearsal and then perform an evening concert for parents, grandparents, friends, teachers and anyone who wishes to come.

This festival features all fifth- through eighth-graders in the mass choir, mass band or both. The sounds created by over 70 instruments and voices are so appropriate for autumn, invoking a sense of joy and appreciation as this harvest season comes to a close and we anticipate the coming of Thanksgiving. Imagine the feel of a crisp autumn breeze, the sound of children playing and laughing outdoors and see the random falling of red, orange and brown leaves swirling down to the ground as you hear the band play "A Beautiful World," written specifically for the students at this year's event.

The Fall Music Festival will be Monday, Nov. 14 at 7:00 p.m. at Worthington Christian School. All are welcome to attend.

Of course, Christmas is still on its way, and preparations for the Christmas program will begin soon. In just a matter of a few short weeks, all students from kindergarten through eighth grade will be intently focused on learning recitations, rehearsing band numbers, and learning old and new songs to ring in the joys of the season. It is always exciting to celebrate Christmas with school-age children, but this excitement takes on an added dimension at Worthington Christian as we are able to freely share the Gospel message of salvation in word and song.

The wonder of the Christmas season here is not just the glittering packages under the tree, but celebrating the grandest gift we could ever receive. It isn't just singing holly, jolly songs, but singing with the angels as they herald the Savior's birth. You may know the story, but you may not have heard it the Worthington Christian School way. We invite you to join us on Friday, Dec. 16 at 7:00 p.m. as the students share with you the many sights and sounds of the season.

Another upcoming event at Worthington Christian School is the Annual Donation Auction on Dec. 10

Brenda Matasovsky is the music teacher at Worthington Christian School.