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Letter: Worthington hits its mark with Regatta celebration

What a great weekend Worthington provided us! Music and wind lovers were fed a banquet we'll never forget.

So many of you have put so much time into making the Windsurfing Regatta/Unvarnished Music Festival one of the country's most unique events on the planet. I'm continually taken by the welcoming spirit Worthington puts out in the midst of a rapidly changing world that often turns us to fear and alienation. The cultural diversity, enthusiasm, kindness and community participation are testament to a community that has some grounding seldom seen these days.

I was recently reading the Declaration of Independence and again taken by the use of the term "divine Providence." Upon recent study, it seems the intention of our founding fathers was for us to recognize the "will of God," the humility to surrender to something bigger than our material and secular cravings. Listening to Queen Mother McFarlane lead us in a celebration of the divine, I was taken by the Worthington semi truck graphic that centers the phrase "In God we trust" across its wide span. (It was parked next to the stage.) While we're a nation of many religious traditions, it seems the "will of God" is always asking us to be kind to one another -- to aim to do what's best for all with harm to none, no matter the specific religious belief system. For me, Worthington, you have hit this mark in a profound way.

A fellow sailor and friend of mine teaches media ethics at St. Olaf College and noted how our media thrives on conflict, how technology distracts us, and how this contributes to our polarized society.

Worthington, you seem to rise above this. Daily Globe, you set the bar high in service to your community. I'm inspired by this town, its worthy ambitions, stewarded lake parks, children of big hopes and dreams, open-minded elders and a sense of humble curiosity fed from appreciation of "divine Providence."

No doubt, I'm sure you have the same suffering most communities are going through today. I'm sure you go through the repeated process of missing the mark and then again, returning to find "the will of God."

I just want you to know, since I've been coming to your event 13 years ago to the present, there's a consistency of my experience that was worthy of note. You make us feel like we all matter, like everyone matters, and it's why I say "Worth a ton" with a smile of deep gratitude.