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Daily Globe Editorial: Leaving his mark

It was significant earlier this summer when it was announced that Bioverse, an eco-friendly water treatment company, was relocating to Worthington's Biotechnology Advancement Center (BAC).

The successful attraction of the company to this community had plenty to do with the efforts of Glenn Thuringer, the manager of Worthington Regional Economic Development Corp. for the past 14 years. Thuringer -- along with, of course, many others -- was instrumental in getting the BAC built in the first place, and with the Bioverse relocation comes renewed hope that other companies will follow in moving operations to Worthington's Bioscience Park.

It will take another WREDC manager, however, to help facilitate that kind of progress, as Thuringer has announced he'll be leaving WREDC effective Oct. 1. His new position? President of the company he just helped bring to the BAC.

Some may speculate that Thuringer brought Bioverse to this community with personal gain in kind, but we dismiss this possibility. Thuringer had long sought BAC tenants before Bioverse, in a continuous attempt to bring quality jobs to the community and help move Worthington forward as a sort of bioscience hub for the Midwest.

Evidence of this is seen in Thuringer's work in developing the annual Regional Bioscience Conference, which has continued to attract key players in the field from not just the region but from around the country, too. It's hard to imagine anyone but Thuringer guiding this annual event, but we can take heart in firm groundwork being laid for the future.

Thuringer's remaining in the community is good news, as he will almost certainly work as Bioverse's president in encouraging its business partners to do business here. We wish him the best.