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'Yes' vote urged on Voter ID amendment

I urge you to vote Yes on the Voter ID amendment.

Minnesota's election system, which combines Election Day registration with vouching, is among the least secure election systems in the country. We're one of only two states that allow this, and one of only six who don't employ provisional ballots.

It may be the best election system for proponents of loose elections and voter fraud, but it is not the best for those who are concerned with fair and secure elections that are free of corruption.

With nearly 200 recent voter fraud convictions, Minnesota is now leading the nation in convictions for voter fraud.

According to data obtained from the Secretary of State's office by Minnesota Majority, more than 6,000 Election Day registrants provided names or addresses that could not be verified after their ballots were accepted and counted in the 2008 election.

One needs photo ID for many things, such as: if you go to the doctor and clinic and hospital (new federal Red Line law, also in the new Obamacare law). Do you wonder why those who support Obamacare, which requires photo ID, oppose it for voting?

Vote yes on the Voter ID amendment.