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Letter: More economic good news

With tax revenue collections once again exceeding the expectations of state economists, last session's legislative decision to reform how government operates and live within its means continues to pay dividends.

We made some tough choices last session, but the economy has responded. We've exceeded expectations consistently for well over a year, and Minnesotans should be pleased with this economic progress.

According to the Minnesota Management and Budget Office, tax collections outpaced projections for November and December, adding an additional $114 million to the state's general fund. Higher than expected corporate income and individual income tax collections accounted for much of the positive growth.

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development also released the December jobs report Thursday, showing 9,100 new jobs created in the month of December. Over 50,700 jobs were created in Minnesota in 2012. Minnesota continues to consistently outperform the national average in job growth and creation.

Since before the start of session, new taxes and raising taxes have grabbed many headlines. However, I'm hopeful that this continued positive economic news will reshape that discussion.

Already this year, the Senate held hearings on establishing a clothing tax, which hurts what little competitive advantage Minnesota has over Iowa and South Dakota. My hope is that legislative leaders will recognize that, and focus more on living within our means and job creation over the next few months of session.

District 22A Rep.

Joe Schomacker