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Track officials need to pay attention

It is a real shame that the Worthington track program doesn't take enough pride in their program to at the very least have individuals running the throwing events that care just a little bit about it.

The last two meets that I have attended, the discus events were run so poorly that it was laughable. Would it be asking too much that the person (same person, different day) that was marking actually watched where the implement lands to make an accurate mark? He appears to be too involved with texting or talking on his phone or looking down at the ground and just plain and simple doesn't care.

Many kids go to these meets to try and do their best each and every meet, so would it be too much to ask the same of the so-called officials running the meets? I realize volunteers are used for these events, but come on!

It was not surprising to me that a bystander was injured during this event at a previous JV meet.