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Letter: Living in a welfare state

Under President Obama the number of people receiving food stamps has increased 70 percent. Obama supporters would claim that the number has been on the increase because of the economic recession, although Obama says because of his stimulus plans, he saved the economy and we are back on the road to recovery. Under this premise, I would conclude that the number of those on food stamps should now be going in the other direction. The problem of dependence on the government has become so bad that one in six Americans rely on some form of public assistance. What happens when the number of those taking from the system is greater than the number of those supporting the system?

Here are some common sense measures that should be taken to reform our assistance programs.

If you are on any public assistance,

1. You do not have a right to it, just because you currently pay taxes, or at one time paid taxes.

2. You don't need a smart phone with unlimited minutes, texting, and Internet.

3. You don't need a new car, or a car with nice, shiny fancy spinning rims.

4. You should be wearing clothes from Wal-Mart, not American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, or the Buckle.

5. You don't need satellite or cable television or Xbox, PlayStation 3, or Wii

6. You should be required to either have a job or be doing some kind of community service. No one gets assistance for sitting at home doing nothing.

7. You should never be seen walking into a liquor store, drinking at a bar, dinning at Red Lobster, or gambling at a casino.

8. You should be limited to the time period at which you can be drawing assistance. It is a short- term crutch, not a lifelong gift.

9. You should only be allowed to purchase essential food items such as milk, bread, and eggs. Not T-bone steaks, lobster, chips, candy or pop

10. You should not be able to draw cash out of your EBT welfare credit card, which can be used to buy cigarettes and alcohol.

11. If you end up in jail, your assistance should be cut off

12. You should not be receiving it because you are fat; being fat is not a disability

13. And if you are in the country illegally, you deserve NONE of it.

I don't like to see the children of irresponsible parents suffer, and there are many cases where people need a little bit of help. But more times than not, it seems that the social programs offered in our country are abused. If you cannot feed them, then do not breed them.

Contrary to what our government tells you, welfare does not promote prosperity. It does however, promote dependency.