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Letter: Government plays possum on illegals

In Saturday's May 25 Daily Globe, headlined Judge: Controversial sheriff targets Latinos. This referring to America's most popular sheriff, Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz. Well, you know I don't imagine the sheriff will find too many illegal Lithuanians there to arrest. The sheriff has a tough job picking illegal Latinos from legal ones. It's like trying to pick fly specks out of pepper.

For too long our government has played possum on illegal invasions. Ranchers along the Mexican border don't dare leave home without a guard to make sure their house isn't empty when they return home and pray their cattle fences aren't cut. They don't deserve to have to live like this. USA corporations have moved to Mexico, taking jobs from Americans and paying Mexicans cheap wages. Meanwhile, illegals are taking jobs here where jobs are scarce. If the USA government had been doing their job like Sheriff Arpaio, we wouldn't have Mexican drug turf wars in Chicago. It should have been stopped at the border.

I do believe seasonal harvest workers should be permitted with work permits to enter and leave the U.S. from Mexico, as in most cases, not enough Americans can be found to harvest strawberries, fruits and vegetables. If Mexico would raise their wages, it would help the illegal problem. The Mexican people are hard workers and deserve the fruits of their labor.