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Letter: Merry Christmas, despite its 'dark side'

By Mike Bogle, Windom

I don’t hate Christmas because my kids and all kids love it. Anything that makes kids happy can’t be all that bad.

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Christmas, however, has a dark side. It was outlawed by the Puritans because of it. It is the occasion of much drinking and driving, overeating and consumer debt.

Early Christians knew nothing of Christmas. They did not even celebrate their own birthdays (a pagan custom). Constantine lit upon the idea of superimposing a Christian celebration upon a pagan one. December 25 was the birthday of most pagan deities; the reason being in gematria (a system in Hebrews and Greek where letters have numerical value) Satan equals 359, the day of the year Christmas falls on.

Constantine’s motives may have been noble but have led to many unintended consequences — suicides (the highest day of the year), car wrecks, mall fights and trampling, to name a few.

Although the Bible does not tell us when Jesus was born (not important), the best guess is early September during the feast of Tabernacles (God with us).

I’ve never been a big fan of Christmas, but do enjoy getting together with family and watching my children enjoy it. You can’t stop a Mack truck, anyway. England tried in 1647. The atheists and the Grinch try to every year, so I say, “Merry Christmas.”