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Column: WCS hosting Craft and Vendor Boutique Saturday

WORTHINGTON -- It's that time of the year again. Kids are comfortable in the routine of school, we are adjusted to Daylight Savings Time and blaze orange clothes are trendy. All these things signal it is time for one more thing: fundraisers. Whether for sports, youth organizations or schools, raising money allows for kids to participate in activities that otherwise might not be possible. I think it is enjoyable visiting neighbors and friends as I observe little salespeople in the making, and I know the gas station appreciates the extra miles we all put on our vehicles.

In light of this, as we're planning fundraisers at Worthington Christian School, we've decided to get creative. Even crafty, you might say. This Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., we are hosting a Craft and Vendor Boutique. We have over 30 people who have signed up for a table, graciously donating their time and money to Christian education.

However, this is where the traditional fundraising stops. Our main goal of this event is to open our doors. We'd like to see hundreds of new faces step into our fantastic school, so the event is free of charge. We plan for it to be a time to socialize with friends and neighbors.

I personally invite you to come, sip some free apple cider and peruse the tables. Plan to have lunch. Nobody will be pushy, but if you ask, we'll gladly give you a tour of our school. We'll talk to you about why we value teaching all subjects in light of Scripture, taking school time each day for prayer and developing a sense of service in each child. Yet, I guess all those things aren't new, crafty or creative. That's everyday stuff. Let's be thankful blaze orange isn't.

Rita Vander Kooi has a student who attends first grade at Worthington Christian School.