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Column: A week to hail our educators

Last week, I wrote about some wise words my 10th-grade social studies teacher shared on Facebook regarding Election Day.

I don't have any sage statements from past instructors to pass along today, but perhaps a little reminiscing about them is appropriate considering we're in the midst of American Education Week.

According to the National Education Association (NEA) website, American Education Week "presents all Americans with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate public education and honor individuals who are making a difference in ensuring that every child receives a quality education." I, for one, can rattle off several names of educators who made a difference for me.

In fourth grade in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., it was Mr. Merrill who made my transition to a new school considerably easier. In ninth grade, it was Mr. LaPlante who made algebra first thing in the morning an enjoyable and often funny experience, getting each day off to great start. In 11th grade, Mr. Barone took a subject that intimidated me to no end -- chemistry -- and taught it in a way that, lo and behold, helped me get an A grade.

Those are just a handful of examples, and I'd like to believe that anyone reading this short column had their own teacher or teachers that made hugely positive impacts in their lives. Perhaps, this week, we should take the time to write a note to one of those folks, thanking them, while also remembering those in our schools today who strive daily to make the same kind of difference.

Ryan McGaughey

I first joined the Daily Globe in April 2001 as sports editor. I later became the news editor in November 2002, and the managing editor in August 2006. I'm originally from New York State, and am married with two children.

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