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Column: Worthington residents on memory on Dr. Charles Fitch

Editor's note: The following is a continuation of a column published on the May 22 Reminiscing page.

Many in the Worthington community fondly recall Dr. Charles Fitch, who died April 24.

Marty Rickers remembers: "I was their Daily Globe paperboy and they (Fitch and his wife, June) always treated me well when I came collecting my 40 cents per week for the delivery of their afternoon paper. But it was really later in life that I learned of Charlie and June's big hearts, their kindly ways and their philanthropy in the things they believed in strongly."

The Rev. Arlen Foss recalls Charlie's "care for his patients, which went beyond office visits. Dr. Fitch was not only a great physician, but also a fine human being, whose Christian faith was evident in the life he lived. Blessed be his memory."

Dr. Barbara Gould said: "He collected friends and family and brought them together -- exchange students to family Christmases and Thanksgivings. He was a mentor to me and a good friend. He touched many lives with his positive attitude, humor, caring spirit, faith and work. His family and friends pass his influence onward."

Tom Ahlberg: I remember playing with Charlie and David Eaton one night and I caught a puck in the mouth. I came to the bench all messed up, Charlie didn't notice until I said something. He was not wearing his glasses so he asked up and down the bench for some glasses so he could see. I ended up going down to the clinic with Dr. Eaton and he stitched me up, no charge."

Charlie, here is a big hug from all of us in Worthington touched by the kindness and love that you have given the Worthington community. You left a big footprint that will be remembered a long, long time. We imagine you're busy planning a hockey team and Little League for the children in heaven while we're thinking of you down here.

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