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Column: Fall flying by fast at Worthington Christian School

By KIM HIEMSTRA, Worthington Christian School

WORTHINGTON — Tick, tick, TICK. The ominous second hand of the white-faced clock pierces the silence that resounded throughout the room just moments before. A faint crescendo of footsteps on the bare-tiled hallway reveals the tell-tale sign of other life present in the building. Hushed chatter floats through the open doorway, revealing distant conversations unfolding amongst colleagues. Greetings are bestowed as passersby make their way to their respected rooms. Soon, the faint squeal of bus brakes echoes throughout the building, announcing the arrival of the first wave of young minds. As I hear variations of voices and muted laughter, I take one last look around the classroom, and then turn to welcome my fifth- and sixth-grade students to a new day at Worthington Christian School.

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When I began the first day of school this August, I took a few minutes before the first student arrived to my class and really thought about the various things the previous year — my first year of teaching — had entailed. While reflecting on last year’s experiences, I realized that I had encountered happenings that I had not been prepared for while studying to receive my degree. Within my first days of teaching, I was thrown for quite a loop when I was shown some of the hats that teachers are required to wear throughout a day. After quickly adjusting to the variety of headgear, though, life as a teacher kicked into high gear with teaching eager students, grading countless papers and growing in knowledge alongside the students. As with every job, the year was sprinkled with ups and downs, but once I watched my last student board that bus on the final day of school, I was amazed at how quickly the year had passed by. With the end of this year’s first quarter raising its head on the next Friday, I am convinced that this school year is headed down the same speedy path.

If you walk down the hallways of WCS, you may see classrooms making the final transition from the sunny days of summer into the falling leaves of autumn. With a few very hot and humid September days of “early outs,” accompanied with the beautiful weather we’ve been experiencing, it seems hard to grasp that fall has been around for a few weeks now. Decorations and room set-ups are not the only signs of changes in the seasons though; school fundraisers, athletic games and field trips are all under way, with teachers engaging in activities as well. Last week, all of the teachers (and our principal) traveled to northwest Iowa to attend an annual Christian teachers conference for two days. At this conference, attendees from local schools across the tri-state area were offered a variety of workshops and classes that were geared to advance knowledge in the field of education. I believe that I can speak for our staff when I say that we all walked away with at least one useful idea or reminder that we can apply within our classrooms.

So whether you’re an alumni who hasn’t swung by your old stomping grounds recently, a relative of someone from the school, or just an intrigued member from the community, I encourage you to stop by Worthington Christian School anytime to see for yourself the evidence of God’s creation and beauty in our classrooms, throughout our halls and within each of our the members of our school.