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Column: A few priceless moments of Christian education

By JESSE AND SARA HOOGE, Worthington Christian School

WORTHINGTON — As parents, we often question whether we are making the best decisions for our kids. We wonder if we made an impact in a teachable moment, discipline correctly or listen enough. We question whether we are preparing our kids to live in the world, but not of the world. We hope our kids are learning to love others, respect others, to be honest and more. We ask our kids if they want to be involved in sports, music, dance or other activities. But as parents, one area we have never questioned in our home is whether our kids should attend a Christian school.

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The number one goal in our home is to teach our kids that Jesus is their Savior. To accomplish this task, we are looking for our kids to have as many Christian role models as possible. We heard a statistic once that 80 percent of kids with five adult Christian role models will continue pursuing their faith as an adult. We have been more than impressed with the love and excitement the teachers and staff at Worthington Christian Schools give our kids. It is a bonus that they teach about Jesus! Our kids are excited to learn from these teachers because they are fun, happy and excited to teach.

We want to take this opportunity to share some personal examples from our family that show how God has blessed our family by making it possible for our boys to attend WCS.

* The boys discussing the Miss Bosma’s acronym for the current school year, FROG, which means to Fully Rely on God.

* When our oldest son, Jakeb, was in kindergarten, he memorized the Christmas story from Luke. He recited it by memory at the Hooge Family Christmas, instead of Grandpa reading it out of the Bible. This brought tears of joy to his Mom’s eyes.

* The boys are regularly singing Christian music while they do jobs or are playing around the house. These positive words are building our boys into men.

* Jakeb once told Christian that there is a real bad guy in the world, not just a pretend bad guy like in the superheroes. This real bad guy is the devil and he will make you do bad things, like hitting your brother.

* I am amazed by the Bible stories they know in depth (often better than we do). More importantly, they can sometimes explain what the story means and how this helps them live their lives.

* Both boys think Chapel is fun because they get to make plays about a Bible story. Last year, one chapel group performed a play where they made signs. For example, if someone was doing evil, a stop sign would help them stop and re-evaluate their decisions. Another benefit of the chapel groups are they are made up of students from different grades. Our kids think this is cool, because they are with the older kids that are positive role models.

These are just a few ways WCS and the teachers have personally impacted our kids. As we think about all the decisions and mistakes we have made raising our kids, we are blessed to have our kids attend a Christian school, and for our family this decision has been priceless.

Jesse and Sara Hooge are the parents of two children attending Worthington Christian School.