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Column: Reminders app a highly useful tool

By Barry Fischer, Special to the Daily Globe

WORTHINGTON — Apple mobile devices such as the iPad and the iPhone arrive with a handful of preloaded apps, often referred to as native apps. Many of these native apps are ignored for more popular apps such as Facebook, Snap Chat and Candy Crush.

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One native app that should receive a second look is the Reminders app. The Reminders App is exactly what you would think it is based upon the name — a place to create a list. This app can be used to create your grocery list, honey-do list and, more importantly, our students can use the app as an organizer for their homework.

No more digging through your purse or your pockets to find that shopping list. It is right there on your iPhone. Students, no more trying to remember when that paper your favorite English teacher assigned you is due. Now it is in your Reminders.

The great thing about this app is it allows you to create different lists, and they can even be color-coded. Once you have created a list, all that’s left is clicking on the screen to add items to your list.

You can stop there if you would like, but there is more. Maybe you need to be reminded on a particular date and time to do something important; you know, pick up your child from play practice, meet at the bank or, better yet, a reminder not to forget your anniversary. You can also set your Reminder for a particular day and time, or even a particular address. It even has the ability to repeat the reminder if you need it to, because the great thing about anniversaries they happen every year.

My favorite feature on the Reminders app is the ability to set the reminder for a particular location. The reminder will alert you either when you leave or arrive at your destination. Right now, you may be asking yourself as to why this is helpful. Well, if you are anything like me, at the end of the work day you are mentally exhausted and will not remember to stop at the store to pick up milk and bread. But now, with the Reminders app, as soon as I leave work it will send me a reminder to stop at the store to pick up milk and bread. Or, maybe you need to set a reminder for when you arrive at home to make a phone call. Now, as soon as you pull into your driveway, your device will remind you to make the call.

Go out there and create your lists. Feel that endorphin rush as you remember what you have to do and are able to cross the items off your list – or at the very least, you can now remember your anniversary.

So now there are no more excuses for not remembering something. The Reminders app is there for you (as long as you remember to charge your device or to bring it with you).

Barry Fischer is employed as the coordinator of teacher education for District 518.