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Infinite campus now available via mobile apps

By BARRY FISCHER, District 518

WORTHINGTON — For more than a dozen years, the Worthington School District has used Infinite Campus as the district’s student information system.

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Student information systems are used for student attendance and gradebook. Over the years, parents have been able to log into their family accounts to see student progress with daily and yearly grades, attendance, class schedule, teacher emails and lunch account information.

The last few years, Infinite Campus has added a mobile portal for both parents and students. Apps for all major smart phones and tablets can be found under Infinite Campus in the different App stores.

Parents and students can view progress anytime, anywhere with Internet connection or data plans. Now, when teachers update grades or attendance, push notifications will send you an alert to your device to let you know a change has been made. Parents and students will have real-time updates. This has can have a greater impact, as now parents and students can see how a singular assignment or test has been scored right away.

Once the App has been downloaded on your device, the District ID for the Worthington School District is XKWWMQ. The username and password are the same for the computer and the mobile application.

If you need any assistance, please email

Barry Fischer is employed as the coordinator of teacher education for District 518.