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Column: Technology conference is April 12 at middle school

By BARRY FISCHER, District 518

WORTHINGTON — On April 12, students from across the Worthington school district will host a student-led technology conference at the middle school from 9 a.m. until noon. The purpose of the conference is to provide an opportunity for students to showcase a few of the great skills they have learned with technology. Parents, family and community members are invited to connect, learn and be inspired.

This year’s conference will have students representing Prairie Elementary, the middle school, high school and the ALC. These students may cover tips, tricks and tools learned using both the iPad and PC computers. The sessions are scheduled to run approximately 20 minutes in length and start every half-hour throughout the three hours.

At this time there are at least six different sessions being planned, not including sessions to help parents understand how to navigate Schoology and Digital Citizenship. Schoology is the platform the school district has chosen to host content and curriculum. The middle school teachers, along with both the ALC and the high school instructors, have been receiving training on implementing Schoology with their students this year. In fact, many classes have already started using it.

This has been an exciting year for the students of the Worthington school district with the implementation of the iPads in grades 3-8. The teaching staff have come a long way in learning how to use the device effectively in the classroom and will be adding more to it in the future. The goal of the device is so that it does not stand out from any other teaching tool, but is instead as natural to the classroom as a textbook, while at the same time allowing for more engagement to the lessons learned and a better way to connect to both the instructor and what is being instructed upon.

The high school and ALC will both be adding a learning device to the students for the 2014-2015 school year. A committee has been meeting throughout the year and has made a recommendation to Mr. Landgaard and the school board. There will be at least two examples of the high school device at the student-led conference. Stop by the conference and be one of the first to see the high school device.

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Barry Fischer is District 518’s coordinator of teacher education.