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Column: Parent's kindergartener grows in many ways at WCS

By Tae Norby, Worthington Christian School

WORTHINGTON — One of my favorite parts of each day is watching my daughter, a kindergartener at Worthington Christian School, dance around while waiting for the bus to pick her up for school.

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The joy of going to school hasn’t worn off for her, even though the end of the year is creeping closer Each new day brings new opportunities for her to learn and play with her friends in a Christian school setting that is such a blessing to have in our community.

The kindergarten room at WCS lends itself to eight energetic little girls and one sweet, soft-spoken little boy who make their mark in the building with chatter and laughter, reading and playing, thinking and growing. I am certain my daughter has been challenged, encouraged and recognized each and every school day this year. Her exhausted little face coming through the doorway is usually accompanied by an enthusiastic summary of the day’s events. Her mind is stretched, her heart is filled and she thrives. Bible stories, classroom devotions, chapel and prayer are incorporated at the kindergarten level and considered essential for the progression of the school day. I believe Christian education is helping to set the stage for our children’s faith journey, and is most certainly adding to the faith foundation we, as parents, are already committed to build at home.

As a first-time parent to a kindergartener, I will admit that I was somewhat nervous last August when I dropped off my little girl at WCS. But my nerves were quickly calmed when I took the time to reflect on my own time spent at WCS when I, too, was a student there. Small class sizes meant that all students received the time and attention they needed to succeed academically. Freedom to pray, read the Bible and speak openly about God in school reinforced what our parents were teaching us at home. And finally, I remembered how close knit everyone in the school was: students, teachers and parents.

Recalling these moments from my own days spend at WCS, calmed my nerves and reminded me to trust that God still is doing those great things through Christian education. It is such a beautiful thing to watch my child learn and grow in this setting. It is also great to be able to know that while the cost of Christian education may require some sacrifices, it is in the end a priceless gift to give a child, for no one can ever take that education away. Watching my daughter walk through the doors of WCS as a third-generation student, I am so thankful for this gift we are able to give our children and the opportunities that await them because of it.