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Editorial: Coleman should heed latest ruling

Republican Sen. Norm Coleman acknowledges supporters at a recent Senate debate. He is seeking a second, six-year term.

Is it time to say enough is enough yet?

Apparently not for Norm Coleman, despite Monday's ruling by a Minnesota three-judge panel that followed a trial with seven weeks of testimony. Coleman has vowed that he would appeal his defeat to the state Supreme Court. And, with fellow Republicans at the national level working diligently to raise money for Coleman's legal fight, it doesn't seem out of the question that this saga drags out all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

On Minnesota Public Radio last week, a scenario was floated during the "Midday" program in which Coleman ultimately takes his case to the U.S. Supreme Court -- whose bent, of course, is conservative -- and gets a favorable ruling there ... only to have a U.S. Senate with a strongly Democratic majority opt to sit Al Franken instead.

It's becoming increasingly clearer that Coleman and fellow Republicans -- desperate to keep the Democrats from strengthening their power -- are pressing onward primarily for political reasons. Meanwhile, Minnesota continues to only have one U.S. senator, despite a prolonged process that has shown Franken to be the winner on two occasions.

We, like the Albert Lea Tribune, endorsed Norm Coleman over Franken. We also share the same opinion that Coleman, for the benefit of the state and its citizens, should concede. Norm Coleman and his attorneys claim they want to ensure no Minnesota voter gets left behind. Instead, they're trying their best to leave Minnesota behind.