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Board sets February referendum date

Editorial: Police, liquor store effort commended

While we can't decidedly say that underage drinking is a significant problem in Worthington, we can still appreciate the effort of the Worthington Police Department and the Worthington Municipal Liquor Store to combat it.

Anyone charged and convicted of giving alcohol to a minor will now be banned from purchasing it at Worthington's liquor store for one year. The offenders will get a letter in the mail from the police; their name and mug shot will be given to the liquor store.

Does it seem beyond reason to have this program expanded into other establishments that sell alcohol, or have other communities across our region enact something similar? After all, the law is the law, as a Minnesota statute makes it unlawful for any person to sell, barter, furnish or give alcoholic beverages to a person 21 years or younger.

The attitude of Shaun Johnson, who manages the Worthington Municipal Liquor Store, is just right. He told the Daily Globe: "It is not our line of business to serve minors. We are here to make money for the city, but as a community-minded business, it is our job to protect kids."

It's difficult to know, of course, just how much of an impact this particular effort will have in the community. Nevertheless, whether it keeps one person or 100 people supplying alcohol to minors, it still helps. And, it also sends a positive message: The city of Worthington cares about its kids.