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Editorial: New Y should make us proud

YMCA-DeGroot Family Center and the City of Worthington Aquatics Center (Brian Korthals/Daily Globe)

This Saturday marks a big day in this community as the Worthington Area YMCA-DeGroot Family Center and the City of Worthington Aquatics Center is dedicated during a 1 p.m. ceremony. The new facility officially opens Monday morning.

The dedication of the new Y marks an end to more than a decade of effort. Mark Shepherd, co-chair of the capital campaign for the Worthington Area YMCA along with Greg DeGroot, recalled Monday that a committee was formed back in 1998 to consider options for the Y -- whether they be improvements to the 11th Street location or building new. Eleven years later, Minnesota West Community and Technical College is home to a family facility that will be beneficial to us all.

Even when considering those who don't plan on utilizing the new Y, there's still a bigger picture at which to look. The YMCA should almost certainly add to the appeal of Minnesota West's Worthington campus, which in turn will help the local college and therefore the rest of the community and immediate area.

It should also be noted that the partnerships that helped make the new Y should serve as an idea for further collaboration that can only provide a boost to us all.

The Daily Globe will publish a special section in Wednesday's edition dedicated to the new Y. In advance, we offer all involved a hearty congratulations.