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Editorial: Seeking help in the right place

By now, we all know things haven't worked out that way. More stringent lending requirements caused would-be developer Ruhr Development to essentially pull out of the project last year, bringing the city back to its drawing board. As a consequence, the Worthington City Council commissioned a new, $25,000 study that explores the feasiblity for the hotel-events center project, with a draft to be submitted for council review by early February.

We understand that it may be easy to ask the simple question, "What -- another study?" But the money in this case is probably well spent -- assuming, of course, the city heeds whatever recommendations the study presents.

"(The study is) our information so ... whatever company we end up choosing, we have that feasibility study to market the hotel and event center as a package," Worthington City Administrator Craig Clark told the Daily Globe in December. Stephen Sherf, president of Hospitality Consulting Group of Excelsior, told city council members last week that Worthington has "a very good corporate base" that should help project development become an eventual reality.

Of course, we hope that reality comes sooner than later. But the city is doing the right thing in seeking professional assistance in getting the project back in motion.