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As others see it: Hoping for quick Mauer-Twins deal

Mauer said Tuesday that the preliminary agreement report was not true.

Both the Twins management and Mauer's agent have strived to keep their contract negotiations out of the press. That is likely a good strategy for both sides.

The signing of Mauer will be a national sports story if it happens in Minnesota or later elsewhere.

We are hoping that Mauer and the Twins find an appropriate road to a new contract for the 26-year-old All-Star catcher.

Mauer is a homegrown Minnesota athlete. He is playing for his childhood favorite team. He and his extended family all reside in the Twin Cities.

Reaching a contract suitable for Mauer and the Twins will be a challenge. He is a potential Hall of Famer and the Twins need to sign for a longterm contract.

Mauer has brought a lot to the Twins in his career and has significant potential over the next decade.

Fortunately, former owner Calvin Griffith is not working this deal.

The Pohlad family has worked hard to sign the appropriate players in the past. Resigning Kirby Puckett to his final contract is a prime example.

Hopefully, Mauer and the Twins will find the right terms to conclude a contract and keep this Minnesota All-Star at home in their new stadium.

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