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Editorial: Attend "Bio 101" today

The sixth annual Regional Bioscience Conference, coordinated each year by the Worthington Regional Economic Development Corp., attracts people from around the region and nation to talk about bioscience-related issues. Its success each year is a reflection on how Worthington is perceived as both a player in the bioscience industry, as well as its potential for further development in that arena.

The conference begins today, continues Friday and is open to the public. While a number of the breakout sessions at the conference will undoubtedly have special interest to many -- there are scheduled sessions on renewable energy, new technologies and ventures, and animal health, among others -- we can't help but like what "Bio 101: Revealing the Basic Science Behind Biobusiness" offers. WREDC manager Glenn Thuringer explained to the Daily Globe last week that "Bio 101" will break down various sectors of the bioscience industry into easy-to-understand information the general public -- that's us -- can understand.

The "Bio 101" session begins at 12:45 p.m., and the rest of the conference continues through Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. We hope to see you there.