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Editorial: Flowers will bloom once again

In March, the Worthington City Council -- as a result of Gov. Tim Pawlenty's plan to substantially reduce local government aid -- resolved to not have flowers lining downtown Worthington streets this year. A savings of $6,500 (not a large amount, but a savings nevertheless) would result.

The reaction we heard with regard this decision was mostly unpopular, and apparently others got the message. On Monday, the council approved returning flowers to downtown, thanks to funding split among three sources. They will be back in place and blooming shortly.

While planting flowers downtown -- and, of course, caring for them -- may seem a tad inconsequential to some, they do serve to beautify that business district and create a positive impression for visitors and residents alike. A number of key people in the community clearly feel the same way.

The Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce, which primarily serves to promote Worthington's businesses, will now contribute 50 percent of the cost for the planting and watering of the flowers. Worthington Public Utilities will chip in 25 percent ($1,625) of that cost, and the City of Worthington the remaining 25 percent.

We're pleased that these entities all opted to work together to help keep downtown Worthington looking great. City staff has received many compliments in the past for their work with the flowers, and we expect they will this year, too.