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Editorial: Relay can make an impact

Relay for Life

It promises to a beautiful night this evening at the Nobles County Fairgrounds.

Things will be even more beautiful just after the sun goes down, when the luminarias are lit as part of the 14th annual Nobles County Relay for Life.

The Nobles County Relay, of course, is one of many such events that takes place around southwest Minnesota and northwest Iowa (and the U.S). each year. In all, thousands across from the region take part, and rightfully so. The odds are overwhelming that cancer will somehow will affect all of us at some point in our lives. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), cancer strikes one of three Americans.

The ACS also offers other cancer-related data, including:

l Researchers funded by the ACS have won the Nobel Prize 44 times.

l Every known technique for treating cancer was discovered by ACS-funded researchers.

l The ACS is the only anti-cancer organization that conducts local cancer-control activities in almost every community in America.

That last point -- on the ACS' local-level efforts -- is important. While money raised at Relay for Life events doesn't necessarily stay within the respective communities, it helps fulfill an overall mission of fighting cancer everywhere; in our own backyards as well as others across our nation. (The ACS also notes that it invests 81 cents of every dollar raised directly on cancer research, patient services, education, prevention, detection and treatment programs).

We encourage everyone to contribute to Relay for Life.