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Editorial: Primary nears, but where's Kelliher?

Matt Entenza, who grew up in Worthington and graduated from high school here, was in town Tuesday for a visit, fitting in a stop at the Daily Globe among his activities. It was nothing new for the Democratic-Farmer-Labor gubernatorial hopeful, who officially announced his candidacy here and his made several stops in town since.

To a much lesser degree -- but at least some degree -- former Sen. Mark Dayton, like Entenza a DFL gubernatorial hopeful, has visited Worthington and southwest Minnesota. Dayton, of course, already has plenty of name recognition, thanks to the six years he spent in Washington and his last name -- and there is a lovely building in Worthington called the Historic Dayton House.

We're still, however, waiting for a visit from the other DFL candidate for governor -- and, ironically, she's the one who received her party's endorsement this spring. Though we don't doubt that Margaret Anderson Kelliher has a busy schedule (which can now be accessed thanks to a new iPhone app), she has yet to make her way down to our section of the state. Or, if she has, neither her nor any of her representatives have let us know about it.

With the Aug. 10 primary date quickly approaching, it seems ironic that Kelliher -- the current Speaker of the Minnesota House -- almost appears to be an underdog despite her status as the endorsed candidate. Sure, Dayton and Entenza have name recognition, not to mention money. But Kelliher would be wise to combat those factors with some good old-fashioned handshaking in Greater Minnesota.