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Editorial: Good decision on dispatch center

Representatives from Rock, Nobles and Murray counties made the right decision Wednesday on a regional dispatch center.

Sure, Worthington may not be the most ideal of locations when it comes to a central point within the three counties. But there are other things going for it that were wisely seen as more important.

For starters, there is a time factor involved. The other consideration for a dispatch center location -- the former Lake Wilson elementary school -- would probably have been a more costly option, and involve a facility requiring significant renovation in the face of a December 2011 deadline for being up and running. ("The end of December 2011 is 18 months away," Rock County Administrator Kyle Oldre noted during Wednesday's meeting on the matter. "We have to move at a terrific speed.")

The Worthington location is also more accessible than the Lake Wilson site, given its location just off Interstate 90 and along U.S. 59. Besides being in a larger community, a Worthington regional dispatch center would be part of an existing and modern law enforcement complex. And now that a decision to locate in Worthington has been made, Cottonwood County could well end up joining the regional group of nearby counties, too.

There remains much to be done in moving this project forward, but Wednesday's decision represents a very good start.