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As others see it: Iowa needs more wind power transmission lines

Iowa may be one of the smallest Midwestern states, but when it comes to wind power, it's one of the mightiest -- a literal wind magnet. Nearly 40 percent of Iowa's land produces wind speeds necessary to generate viable amounts of power.

In the 1920s and 1930s, before wind energy was fully conceived, transmission lines were designed and constructed to transmit electricity to rural homesteads. To date, Iowa's electrical grid has served its purpose well, but the system is nearing capacity at a time when Iowa has the great opportunity to further capitalize on and grow the wind industry. Wind farms in Iowa have been shut down because of a lack of available transmission. Expansion of Iowa's transmission capabilities is essential for future development and growth.

New long-haul transmission lines will advance our great nation by moving renewable energy sources that are economically sound and environmentally safe to other parts of the country that have a strong appetite for renewable clean power.

Accessible, reliable transmission lines that connect the windiest areas in Iowa to market centers will ignite continued growth and bring the benefits of wind energy home. As we have witnessed so far, wind energy has the potential to be a lasting and important contributor to our nation's energy solutions, and in Iowa, the sky's the limit.

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