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As others see it: A time to pull together

Charity will help. But given the scale of the flooding, Minot residents and business people also will need assistance from the federal and state governments in order to recover.

The governments surely will offer that help. Should Minot accept? The answer is yes, and Minot residents need not feel at all guilty in doing so.

Through their taxes, Minot residents (like all Americans) have contributed to federal disaster relief efforts not only in America but also worldwide.

Now, Minot is the community that needs aid. But Americans in all 50 states don't mind using government resources to help out. That's because they know their own community could be the next one where disaster strikes, and also because rebuilding a disaster-stricken city is the quickest way to return that city to being a net producer rather than consumer of wealth.

It didn't take long for America's founders to figure this out. "The first federal effort to deal with disaster was the Congressional Act of 1803," according to an Emory University report titled "All Americans will pull together: The federal government's evolving role in dealing with disaster." ...

Disaster assistance works: Throughout American history, it has proven successful time and again at getting communities back on their feet. It'll do the same in Minot, where the help will boost the city to the status of "helper" once again.