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Editorial: Let's hope we haven't seen club's final round

Brian Korthals/Daily Globe The Worthington Country Club is slated to close Nov. 5 amid financial difficulties. Board members are reportedly in the process of working on a reorganization plan.

News that the Worthington Country Club may be closing for good may be sad and disappointing, but it shouldn't come as a significant surprise.

In speaking with many in the community about the club's impending closure, we heard on more than one occasion of its longtime financial difficulties. Money remained tight despite loans offered to the club by its members over the years. The bottom line: Expenses incurred by the club couldn't be made as its membership numbers continued to shrink.

As the country club's board of directors embarks on the development of a new business plan -- John Koller, the board's president, said there is a hope of a re-opening in the spring we can't help but wonder what a re-organization of the club would entail.

We do, nevertheless, share the hope of a re-opening. The club has been around for 92 years, and has long been an asset to this community.