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Editorial: Five years and counting

Members of the Worthington American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars posts and auxiliaries offer an honor guard salute during a Memorial Day service at the Freedom Veterans' Memorial Park.

Five years ago on Sunday -- May 27, 2007 -- the dedication ceremony for Freedom Veterans Memorial Park took place. This newspaper marked this occasion with a 16-page special section paying tribute to all those who helped make the park possible.

Featured in that section were brief biographies and photos of the 13 men who were members of the Freedom Veterans Memorial Committee at the time of the park's dedication. Also listed were the names of folks who had pavers purchased in their honor -- more than 750 pavers had been sold at that point. There were articles about what would be taking place during the dedication ceremony, and much more.

Indeed, what transpired five years ago was remarkable. It should also be noted, though, that over the past five years, Freedbeen far from neglected.

As was noted in Wednesday's Daily Globe, the park now has 1,270 pavers occupied and space for about 700 more available. There has been the addition of a pathway to the floating fishing pier, which was built to fit ADA requirements. Donations and fundraisers have helped make this possible.

Mike Kuhle, president of the park's board for the last five years, said the improvements to the park are likely complete. ("We just want to keep it simple," he said Tuesday). That's notable, because the park has continued to remain simple -- and beautiful -- since its opening.

A five-year anniversary is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. Monday (Memorial Day) at the park. We are hopeful for a large turnout.