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Editorial: "Bring It On Home' this weekend

For years, King Turkey Day has been the Worthington celebration that people who grew up here return home for -- and for good reason.

Our community, of course, has another showcase event that has continued to grow in popularity and stature over the years, and that's the Windsurfing Regatta and Unvarnished Music Festival. The Regatta will take place for the 13th time this Friday through Sunday, and all signs point to another outstanding weekend.

More than anything, the Regatta is an occasion for people of all ages to flock to Sailboard Beach and take in the varying sights and sounds of the festival. (Plenty of good eating options don't hurt, either.) Warmth, sun and a few decent gusts of wind are preferred, naturally, but the Regatta has also entertained throngs of folks in less-than-ideal conditions.

Many out-of-towners will descend upon Worthington this weekend to visit our community, and we know our citizens will be welcoming. We also can't help but notice that this year's festival has the theme of "Bring It On Home" and will feature numerous musicians with Worthington roots. We'll be pleased to have these individuals back, and hope they and others familiar with our city will make a Regatta return an annual event.