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Editorial: Plenty of positives to report

Friday's Daily Globe will include our annual "Positive Perspective" section, which features no shortage of good news from Worthington.

There's also some positive news to report today, as well. Bioverse Inc., a southwest Minnesota company that's already proven itself as an innovator in the swine industry, has announced it plans to relocate to Worthington. It will be the first tenant in the city-owned Biotechnology Advancement Center (BAC), which is located in the community's Bioscience Park.

The arrival of Bioverse at the BAC not only increases the attractiveness of that facility to like-minded businesses, but the entire Bioscience Park as well. Given communities worldwide are competing for businesses such as these, both the Worthington Regional Economic Development Corp. and the city deserve credit for working to get this deal done.

Friday's news will contain positive reports about some of Worthington's businesses, city activities, educators, organizations and more. The Bioverse development is yet another huge plus.