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Board sets February referendum date

Editorial: Oberloh's honor is earned

The importance of preserving of LGA was stressed in a Wednesday editorial, and today we'd like to applaud a man who has worked hard on its behalf -- not to mention a host of other issues -- for Greater Minnesota.

Worthington Mayor Alan Oberloh received the President's Award last week from the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities, marking the end of his tenure as CGMC president. With Oberloh in that post for one year, the Coalition launched its Greater Minnesota Economic Recovery Program, strongly opposed budget and tax constitutional amendments, added new members and, of course, continued to defend the LGA program.

Tim Flaherty, executive director of the CGMC, said in a press release: "As with all CGMC presidents, much was asked of Mayor Oberloh this past year as he led the Coalition, and he delivered with every opportunity. ... Mayor Oberloh has been an excellent spokesman for our organization and a tireless advocate for the CGMC and rural Minnesota."

Oberloh was first elected as Worthington's mayor in 2002, and throughout the years has always given no shortage of his time to trying to make Worthington a better place. Now, more recently, he has strived to make it better for countless of other rural communities. For this, kudos are well deserved.