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Editorial: Don't let library project sit idle

There's no changing the fact that Nobles County commissioners, by a 3-2 vote, opted Thursday night to a table a decision on bonding for capital improvement projects, including a long-discussed new county library building.

A difference exists, however, between merely delaying the library project and setting it aside entirely. When the new county board begins convening next month, we're hopeful it will waste little time in ensuring a new facility continue to be explored.

Two of three votes to table the bonding came from the board's two returning commissioners, but neither expressed outright opposition to the project. One, Robert Demuth Jr., offered support for a new library, but noted, "I think it would be unfair to the three new commissioners to take action today and then it would be binding on them." We can certainly respect that sentiment. The other, returning commissioner, Marv Zylstra, didn't state he was against the project; he just didn't want to rush it.

The third vote to table the bonding decision came from outgoing commissioner David Benson, who indicated that the board needs to give consideration to quality of access at a new library for as many segments of the county's population as possible. "I would hope that as we move forward ... we really think about the library as not only a depository for books, but a community center where people can come together and find common ground."

We like this sort of vision for a new library, and hope the board continues to work toward seeing this project -- in some fashion -- through.