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Editorial: Library project still on the table

There had to have been some disappointed folks Tuesday morning at the Nobles County Board of Commissioners meeting after no action was taken on construction of a new Nobles County Library facility.

It is, however, important to note the idea of building a new library remains very much alive.

Bob Demuth Jr., the county board's new chairman, moved Tuesday to authorize county staff to gather resources to address cost, size, scope and site options and report back to the board by April 15. That motion was carried unanimously.

Four months may be seen as yet another delay to proponents of a new library, but a few things have to be taken into account here. For starters, the county board welcomed three new members Tuesday, and expecting a board with 60 percent new membership to make such an important decision right away is probably unrealistic. Secondly, the information sought in Demuth's motion seems entirely valid when considering just how to move forward.

Kathy Craun, a member of the Nobles County Library Board, said during Tuesday's meeting, "You're wasting valuable time and energy while costs continue to escalate." She's right on, in a sense. This project almost certainly should have advanced long ago. Now, though, the county board -- with new members and a soon-to-be arriving new administrator -- is seeking some clear answers of its own. At this time, they are smart to do so.