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As others see it: Bring on the April showers

The U.S. Drought Monitor's map shows red indicating extreme drought running out of the Great Plains up across west central Minnesota. The red and dark red extends southwest all the way to central New Mexico and south Texas.

As farmers harvested their crops and worked their fields last fall, there were growing concerns about the continuing drought across much of west central Minnesota and the rest of the state.

One does not have to look too far to see the drought's impact: some lakes are below normal levels and low levels in the Mississippi River have threatened the navigation of barge traffic.

Some of the states -- such as Illinois and Indiana -- hit hard by the drought in 2012 are no longer in drought situations. Those areas have gain enough precipitation in recent to completely erase the drought signs of 2012.

Some weather forecasts indicate favorable weather patterns to provide enough rainfall soon to minimize the drought across Minnesota and South Dakota. ...

The warm temperatures and increasing sunshine of April will soon start warming the ground. Farmers will hopefully begin working the fields by late April.

Once the planting is complete, favorable rain through early July would be beneficial to maintain crop quality and reducing the current drought.

A little April rain would be beneficial for all.