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Editorial: CAL - here at last

An outside look at the Center for Active Living

Anyone familiar with the history of Worthington facilities geared toward senior citizens should have rejoiced Monday.

The newly opened Center for Active Living (CAL) marks the culmination of significant effort by city officials and council members -- as well as plenty of input from many, many others. We're optimistic the CAL will meet the needs of seniors in the community, not to mention a host of others who will walk through its doors.

There are no doubt several city residents who recall the "senior center" being located on Ninth Street in the building now occupied by Tacos Lupe. Several temporary locations followed, with the desire of many in Worthington being the eventual establishment of a permanent location with an ample variety of amenities.

The process to finally get a senior center built was by no means easy, but the end result is something city residents should take pride in. The CAL has a great location in the middle of downtown, was able to incorporate a portion of the former Worthington Area YMCA building and has the capability of offering many types of activities.

Congratulations to all involved on this milestone. We hope the CAL will be a home of much enjoyment for this generation of seniors -- and many generations to come.