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Editorial; Get on the bus

District 518

Congratulations to members of the Worthington District 518 school board for making a smart decision Tuesday on busing students.

In unanimously approving Bud's Bus Service of Reading as the district's transportation company starting next fall, the school board looked beyond its pocketbook. Bud's was not the lowest bid -- it came in at $1,045,880, compared to current contractor American Student Transportation's $941,336 -- but board members wisely took other matters into consideration.

During Tuesday's meeting, a host of concerns were expressed regarding numerous problems that have occurred during American Student Transportation's time with District 518. Any issues that put Worthington's students at risk should clearly be taken seriously, and it's difficult to imagine those sorts of woes not continuing with a new contract.

We don't mean to suggest that any new company will be error-free, as it is no doubt a significant task to bus the number of students District 518 has attending its schools. But, clearly, a change had to be made -- and we're also happy that the district has chosen to "shop local."