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Editorial: More pain at the pump - just in time for road trips

A Daily Globe employee saw a Facebook post from a friend in Elk River Wednesday afternoon that said, in part, "Go to work and gas is $3.82. Leave work and now it's $4.19!!!"

A one-day, per-gallon price jump of 37 cents sure seemed ridiculous -- even considering the perpetual greed of oil companies -- but it's true. St. Cloud radio station WJON-AM reported Wednesday a 30-cent leap in that city to $4.19, eclipising the previous mark of $4.01 set in July 2008.

"The main reason is that there are two major refineries in the Chicago area that have shut down for scheduled routine maintenance," WJON reported. As a result, prices could be sky-high up until around July 4, it added.

Two questions are left begging to be answered. For starters, a mammoth one-day price jump because of routine maintenance seems -- to us, anyway -- a tad far-fetched. And, just how high are these prices -- which are conveniently soaring just in time for summer -- going to go?

Suddenly, packing up the minivan for a week or two doesn't seem too appealing, does it? At least one good thing is possible. More people may spend their dollars at home this summer rather than on the road.