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Editorial: A big party for a big occasion

Construction on the event center's entrance, seen Friday, May 10, is nearing completion. (Veasey Conway/Daily Globe)

The brand-new Worthington Event Center was the place to be the past Saturday night -- at long last.

In November 2008, a majority of Worthington voters approved a local option sales tax referendum that would, in part, be a source of funding for construction of an events center. It may have taken a while, but Saturday's grand opening gala inside the new facility was well worth the wait for many.

For years -- since the often-lamented closure of the Coliseum in September 2001 -- Worthington has lacked the large gathering space that many cities (some smaller than this community) have.

That's now changed, thank goodness, with the addition of the 14,153-square-foot building along U.S. 59, across from the Prairie Holdings Group building. At least 250 people came to Saturday night's opening-night extravaganza, which featured good food from a local eatery, not to mention local bands and a healthy crowd of local folks dressed in their finest duds.

While we must admit we're a tad skeptical of how many people will ultimately fit inside the grand ballroom (the advertised estimate of 500 seems on the high end), we're confident this attractive facility will get no shortage of use. And, with the new Comfort Suites hotel set to open next month on the site, we believe the already steady bookings will pick up further.

Congratulations to all involved on this milestone event for Worthington.