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Editorial: Old pool site dives into library mix

Jay Jeppesen of Jeppesen Gravel, Sibley, pulls down a wall while demolishing the bath house at the city pool.

The emergence of Worthington's old outdoor pool site as a potential location for a new Nobles County Library is -- as Nobles County Commissioner Bob Demuth said Tuesday -- a development to get "excited" about.

Demuth likely began to get enthusiastic about the old pool site last month, when he received a letter from Starr Mae Sall Standafer. The daughter of Ella Mae Olson Sall and an heir of E.O. Olson, Standafer and Demuth -- according to the letter -- talked last fall about using the former pool site and rearing ponds for a new library. But, as Standafer wrote in May, "At the time I made the decision not to pursue that option, I truly believed that it should be left as my grandfather, E.O. Olson originally intended."

The letter to Demuth, which was included as part of the county commissioners' Tuesday meeting packet, also includes Standafer's reflections on her mother's April 29 death and notes that Ella Mae Olson Sall "was a devoted patron of the library and was there several times a week." Also written is that her parents once purchased in 1953 "a glass display cabinet that is currently located in the center of the library." Also of note: "During the past six months I have mentally pictured a building there as I drive past this property daily. I now believe that it would be a perfect location and save Nobles County a significant sum of money."

We're all for saving money, and the old pool site near the convergence of Park and Elmwood avenues and Liberty Drive is an attractive one aesthetically. We're hopeful the public sees this locale as the best of the four alternatives, and we're grateful for Standafer for stepping forward to present this option.