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Editorial: Seifert a welcome part of GOP fray

Daily Globe

Last week, former House Minority Leader Marty Seifert announced he was running for governor. The Marshall Republican unsuccessfully sought his party’s endorsement in 2010, and has been working in the private sector since.

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In retrospect, some Republicans may wish Seifert had their party’s endorsement over Tom Emmer in the race for governor four years ago. It’s no secret Emmer was considered to be too right-wing for some moderates, and Mark Dayton ended up emerging with a narrow victory.

Eager to get back into the win column in Minnesota political offices, the GOP would probably be wise to unite behind candidates who demonstrate both conservative credentials as well as an ability to work with the other side. During a Monday visit to the Daily Globe, Seifert recalled suffering damage to his 2010 campaign when opponents assailed him for working with DFL gubernatorial candidate Margaret Anderson Kelliher on “Brandon’s Law,” a bill requiring faster police response to missing young adults. (The bill passed in the Minnesota House, 131-0, by the way.) “There’s nothing partisan about missing people,” Seifert said Monday.

His work on obvious bipartisan legislation aside, Seifert has shown he can garner support from both parties in winning past elections in his home district. As a result of working for his local hospital since his 2010 political run, he plans to draw on both his public- and private-sector experience in this new campaign. Additionally, Seifert has already made specific proposals to reduce the size of state government, reduce taxes and ease regulatory burdens — all plans that should at please the party faithful, not to mention attract the interest of Minnesotans of varying political stripes.

It’s also pleasing to know that a southwest Minnesotan is now in the governor’s race. We’ll be eager to see how the early stages of this contest play out.