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Editorial: Keep expansion of music space alive

During the Feb. 18 Worthington Independent School District 518 board meeting, WHS principal Paul Karelis spoke of the current and project members of the school’s music program.

“We’ll have 12 seniors from the music program graduating this year, but we’ll have 56 kids coming into the program next year,” Karelis reported.

Assuming the principal’s numbers are correct, that translates to a net gain of 44 students in the WHS music program, and 156 total. Yet, a plan that would have expanded space for music at the high school failed to pass during the board meeting.

We should clarify: We’re not necessarily condemning the decision to vote down the plan Tuesday, as some board members reported they didn’t have sufficient time to consider the details of the proposal. Superintendent John Landgaard conceded the time frame was indeed short, but nevertheless told board members the plan would address both short-and long-term concerns regarding the music program’s concerns.

By now, most folks should be well familiar with the outstanding quality of Worthington’s music programs. The school’s choir, band and orchestra ensembles have consistently demonstrated excellence, and these programs’ overall growth is a reflection of the success of its students and teachers alike.

In order to maintain this quality, additional investment is necessary. We urge the school board to continue to evaluate a space expansion plan for the music program, and then advance it as efficiently as possible.