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Editorial: Worthington is not alone with mall woes

Back in January, the Albany Times Union published a story with the headline “Rotterdam mall’s new history owner has history of legal battles.”

The subject of the article is Mike Kohan — who is also known as Mike Kohen, whose real name is Mehran Kohansiek. Anyone interested in the ongoing Northland Mall saga would likely find it worthwhile to read the Times Union piece at

While many are well aware of Kohan’s failures with our local mall, it’s well worth noting that Kohan also has numerous other properties in similar straits. Kohan has a history of purchasing “distressed malls,” as he is quoted as saying in the Times Union piece, but those investments have frequently failed to yield any improvement and have instead resulted in deteriorating conditions and unpaid bills.

Kohan, defending himself in the Times Union article, is also quoted as saying: “There are some projects we can turn around. Some we can’t.” That must seem like an awfully insufficient defense to those who drive down Oxford Street regularly.

Truth is, what’s happening in Worthington is happening in other locales as well — and it’s sad.