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Editorial: Ride along Oxford Street a bumpy one

Driving into Worthington became much nicer once the Minnesota 60 four-lane project was complete. Sure, those roundabouts may have taken some getting used to, but at least the trip is smooth and usually efficient.

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If one travels from Minnesota 60 and proceeds west down Oxford Street, however, things change for the worse. While it’s probable the severity of the winter (Will it ever end? Snowflakes were spotted in town Tuesday!) contributed to eroding road conditions, cruising down Oxford Street becomes akin to driving on the lunar surface the closer one gets to the “Big Corner.” There are, indeed, potholes aplenty, and they can’t be making motorists terribly happy.

We’re not sure when the stretch of roadway between Northland Mall — whose parking lot is worthy of at least one or two “Rough Road” signs in its own right — was last resurfaced or otherwise improved, but it seems there’s no time like the present. Of course, work on Oxford would be a considerable inconvenience — lane reductions anywhere the Oxford/Humiston intersection would no doubt leading to slow-moving, bottled-up traffic — but smoothing out this well-traveled stretch of pavement should be a top priority.

Given the number of motorists that make a Oxford Street a regular part of their daily routine — not to mention the visitors that make their way across town on it — it seems like bettering the driving experience there would be helpful in improving the city’s overall image. There’s much to see and do while driving around Worthington. The ride should at least be a smooth and safe one.