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As others see it: Fight the carp fight

It is unfortunate, but it has become lockdown time for invasive carp on the Mississippi River in Minnesota.

A bill closing the Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock on the Mississippi River in Minneapolis is currently awaiting the signature of President Obama.

The president should sign this bill into law.

While this lock is not used much by recreational boaters, there is some opposition by some. The danger of the invasive carp is too big to ignore.

These bighead and silver carp can grow to weigh more than 100 pounds. They are also voracious eaters capable of eating from 20 percent to 120 percent of their own bodyweight each name.

These species compete against native fish and cause significant disruption to ecosystems whenever they invade.

These species also create a boating safety hazard as they tend to jump in the air when scared by passing boats. Being struck in the face by a 100-pound fish can create significant injury or be fatal.

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar made a point last week when she said “we do not want to turn into the land of one million carp.”

While closing the Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock will not guarantee the invasive carp will not gain access to the upper Mississippi watershed, it will create a major hurdle to the fish.

If this lock is not closed, it is almost guaranteed that invasive carp will continue its navigation up the Mississippi River and into many Minnesota lakes.

It’s is time to lock down the upper Mississippi River in an effort to stop the invasion of these dangerous and destructive carp species.