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Editorial: Another rockin' Regatta, rain and all

For the second straight year, heavy rains fell on the Saturday of Worthington’s Windsurfing Regatta and Unvarnished Music Festival.

There were plenty that were disappointed, to be sure, but the festivities kept going, thanks to some admirable teamwork.

Four musical acts scheduled to take the stage at Sailboard Beach on Saturday afternoon weren’t washed away. Instead, they had the opportunity to play inside BenLee’s Cafe, as owner David Hartzler let his restaurant be the place to be for tunes from 1 p.m. until around 10 at night. A couple of vendors also set up their displays at BenLee’s, too.

Of course, the rain — all 4.51 inches (the measurement at the Daily Globe) of it, was sorely needed, and it was difficult to complain about the moisture considering all the local talk of watering bans over the past several months. But two big deluges on consecutive Regatta Saturdays? That’s a tad difficult to cope with, especially for organizers who count on revenue from beer tent sales to keep the festival’s financial coffers in solid shape.

No matter, though. The first three nights — particularly Friday — were absolutely ideal, and windsurfers had great wind. Major media covered the event. Plenty of locals and out-of-towners from around the state, nation and world showed up and had fun right here in Worthington.

So, let’s not let the rain dampen things. The sun may not have shown Saturday, but Worthington sure did.