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Column: A suggestion to make trails even better

By Drew Johnson, Eugene, Ore.

I spent most of June back in Worthington, visiting family and friends and reconnecting with business contacts. The weather was near perfect to spend a significant time outdoors and, like so many, I walked and biked multiple times around the lake. I also made it a priority to try out some of the new, extended routes going along Crailsheim Road and Oxford Street — fantastic! They’re definitely a wonderful asset to the community. (I hope there are more trails to come. Maybe out to Lake Ocheda?)

One suggestion, if I may — post signs or paint icons on the path to instruct users with common pedestrian/biking rules. There were multiple times where I was either part of an awkward right-of-way moment or observed other folks coming very close to colliding due to a lack of trail etiquette. The rules for bike paths are not set in stone and often differ city to city, so it’s understandable that there might be some confusion.

Simply marking out who goes on which side of the path would add to the safety and enjoyment of Worthington’s excellent byways Again, kudos to the new trails. The additions are a great investment to the area.